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The Monster War

Book Three in

The third and final installment of The League of Seven trilogy!

Having discovered the monstrous secret of his origin, Archie Dent no longer believes himself worthy of membership in the League of Seven, the group of heroes tasked with saving the world from the Mangleborn, giant prehistoric creatures that threaten humanity whenever it rediscovers lektricity. But with the maniacal villain Philomena Moffett on the loose, Archie doesn’t have time to sulk in the shadows.

Moffett has used the Dragon Lantern to create her own twisted Shadow League to oppose the League of Seven, unleashed a Monster Army twenty-five thousand strong on the American continent, and now aims to raise the Mangleborn themselves. Will Archie and his friends find the final two members of the League in time to save the world from utter destruction? Or will Moffett’s madness finally destroy the League–and all of humanity–once and for all?

Underwater cities. Talking rayguns. Farting skunk monsters.

You’ll find them all in The Monster War!

Starscape | July 2016 | Ages 9 and Up


“A fitting capstone to an epic adventure replete with monsters, huge explosions, clever twists, and just deserts.”

—Kirkus Reviews