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Steampunk Fiction by Alan Gratz

The Monster War

Book Three in

Philomena Moffett has unleashed a 25,000-strong Monster Army on the American continent. Will Archie and his friends find the final two members of the League in time to save the world from utter destruction? Or will Moffett’s madness finally destroy the League–and all of humanity–once and for all?

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The League of Seven

Book One in

Archie Dent’s parents are members of the Septemberist Society, who protect humanity from giant monsters called Mangleborn. When his parents and the other Septemberists are brainwashed by a Mangleborn, Archie must assemble a new team of seven young heroes to save the world: the League of Seven.

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The Dragon Lantern

Book Two in

When a new villain with amazing powers steals a powerful artifact called The Dragon Lantern, Archie, Hachi, and Fergus are forced to split up, meeting new members of the League along the way. But will the deep-rooted secrets they uncover destroy this new League before it even comes together?

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“Hero of the Five Points”

“Hero of the Five Points” is a rollicking short adventure set in 1853 in the world of the League of Seven fantasy series for middle-grade readers. Grab your aether pistol and your favorite stovepipe hat and join Dalton Dent as he tracks down the foul creature known as Mose.

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“Join, or Die”

Originally published as a limited edition chapbook, “Join, or Die” features Benjamin Franklin, his young assistant Willow Dent, and their indefatigable machine man Mr. Rivets as they battle sea serpents and fish-men in the true story of the Boston Tea Party.

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