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In Alan Gratz’s D-Day novel Allies, Samira Zidane and her mother work for the French resistance during World War II. It’s their job to tell the local Maquis hiding out in the countryside that the invasion of Normandy is imminent. But when her mother is captured by Nazis, Samira must do the job herself.

Resist picks up Samira’s story where Allies left off, following Samira on her journey through the French countryside on a daring rescue mission to find her captured mother. Accompanied by a loyal dog named Cyrano, Samira has to rely on her courage and wits to avoid and outsmart the German forces. But it’s D-Day, and with the Allied forces landing just miles away, fierce battles rage all around her. Can Samira find her mother in time to save her?

Resist is a companion novella to Allies. It can be read before or after reading Allies–or entirely on its own!

Scholastic | September 1, 2020 | Ages 8 and Up


Frequently asked questions about Resist:

Hey Alan, can I buy a physical copy of Resist?

No, I’m sorry–Resist is currently only available for sale as an ebook and audiobook!

But I’ve actually seen a physical copy in print/online. What gives?

The physical copies of Resist in circulation were something I wrote as an exclusive giveaway for Scholastic’s Book Clubs in 2019. Scholastic gave out sets of them to teachers who ordered a lot of other books through the clubs. That print edition was never on sale anywhere, and the copies that remain are the free ones teachers and students ended up with from the promotion.

Wait–I see print copies for sale online, but they have really high prices on them! What’s up with that?

The physical copies for sale online are free copies that book resellers have gotten their hands on. Like any used book, resellers can charge whatever they want when they sell it again. Sometimes that’s less than the cover price. Other times, if they think a book is rare or collectible, they can actually charge more. The promotional print edition of Resist was never meant for retail sale, and doesn’t even have a cover price. Realizing the print version is in such high demand, some online book resellers have put exorbitant prices on their rare print copies of Resist. Buyer beware! Neither Scholastic nor I have any control over reseller pricing–sorry!

But I don’t own an e-reader like Kindle or a Nook, and I don’t want to buy one!

You don’t need a special e-reader to read Kindle, Nook, or Kobo books. You can read them on a tablet, on your smartphone, or even on your computer. Just download the free app specific to the format you purchase, and then you can open and read the book on whatever device you already own. And did I mention how great the audiobook is?

I don’t like to read ebooks on any device! I want a physical copy!

I’d like to see a print edition of Resist for sale too, but it’s not up to me! Sorry. The ebook and audiobook editions are the only ones available for sale right now. I hope you enjoy them!