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Projekt 1065

Infiltrate. Befriend. Sabotage.

World War II is raging. Michael O’Shaunessey, the son of the Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany, lives in war-torn Berlin with his parents. Like the other boys at his school, Michael is a member of the Hitler Youth. But Michael has a secret:

He and his parents are spies.

Michael and his family help downed Allied airmen to safety and send the Allies coded messages with the locations of Nazi factories, but when one of the boys in Michael’s Hitler Youth group shows him the secret plans to Projekt 1065, a prototype Nazi jet plane that could change the course of the war, Michael knows he has to steal the blueprints. To get close to the boy and the blueprints Michael has to go deeper and deeper into the madness of the Hitler Youth, and to do that, he may just have to sacrifice everything—and everyone—he loves.

Scholastic | October 2016 | Ages 8 and Up

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“Animated, well-researched, and thought-provoking.”


“A suspenseful mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”

—School Library Journal - STARRED REVIEW

“A high-action spy thriller.”



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Fall 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Award

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2019 Nebraska Golden Sower Award Finalist

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