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Captain America: The Ghost Army

How do you defeat a soldier that’s already dead?

It’s World War II, and Captain America and his sidekick Bucky Barnes are fighting the good fight against the Nazis in the Eastern European nation of Transia. Just when they and their British allies are about to be overwhelmed by the enemy, they’re saved by the United States Ghost Army—a real American unit from World War II made up of artists, actors, sound engineers, and advertising professionals who used inflatable tanks, giant loudspeakers, fake radio transmissions, and other props and tricks to deceive the Axis powers.

But the German army has a Ghost Army of its own–and theirs are the floating, undead, kill-you-with-a-death-touch kind of ghosts! They arise from their graves at night, attack, and disappear again as quickly as they appeared. Worse, the Nazi Ghost Army is impervious to bullets, bombs, and everything else the Allies throw at them—including Cap’s famous shield.

How can Cap and Bucky fight something that’s already dead? And just what does the mysterious Baron Mordo—sitting in his castle atop nearby Wundagore Mountain—have to do with all this?

Find out in Captain America: The Ghost Army!

Marvel & Scholastic Graphix | January 2023 | Ages 8 and Up

Art by Brent Schoonover
Colors by Sarah Stern
Cover by David Aja