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Mystery Fiction by Alan Gratz

Something Rotten

Book One in

Something is rotten in Denmark, Tennessee, and it’s not just the paper plant and the polluted Copenhagen River. Hamilton Prince’s father has been poisoned and the killer is still at large. If Hamilton’s best friend Horatio Wilkes can just get past the smell, he might get to the bottom of all this…

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Something Wicked

Book Two in

A Scottish Highland Fair turns foul when Horatio Wilkes discovers the games’ founder, Duncan MacRae, dead in his tent. Now Horatio will need all his snark and smarts–and maybe a little amazing grace–to solve the mystery and thwart the fate a road-side psychic laid out for him and his friends.

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“Okiku and the Nine Plates”

A re-imagining of the classic Japanese ghost story of the same name. In this version, a samurai “Special Investigator” with a knack for dealing with yōkai — Japanese spirits — is sent by the Shogun to deal with a mysterious phenomenon menacing one of his faithful daimyo.

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“To Honor Ichiko and Defend Japan”

Welcome to Ichiko, the First Higher School of Japan, where life is so difficult in the Meiji period that a number of students die at school each year. Fatal Accidents, illnesses, and suicides are all common—but what if the latest student death was a murder? With no teachers or administrators overseeing the dorms, one boy takes the investigation into his own hands.

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